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Moonburn Ebook (Book 1)

Moonburn Ebook (Book 1)

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Length: 338 pages
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Welcome to Glenwood! Moonburn is the first book in the Moonlight in Glenwood series by creative duo Aynsley J. Fraser & Lita Hunt.

In a world where your barista is a witch and your neighbors are dwarves, human police just won’t cut it when the werewolves down the street start a brawl. Enter the moonlighters from the supernatural task force MOONS!

Evie and Laika are werewolves working part-time as barely trained moonlighters in a small suburb outside of Los Angeles. Neither is willing to give up her day job because when trouble is afoot in Glenwood, the late-twenties pack of two isn’t getting the call.

However, when a magic-laced murder strikes, it’s all moonlighters on deck. With suspects ranging from vampires to elves, no obvious clues, and victims starting to pile up, the Night Claw pack will need all of their skills to solve the mystery.

Can Evie and Laika rise to the challenge before anarchy spreads through Glenwood?

Moonburn is an action-packed adventure, following two strong heroines and a diverse supporting cast into the supernatural world of Glenwood.

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